Tax services

Taxes are inseparable part of each profit driven business. Individuals are not exception from that rule. It is not necessary for you to have a deep knowledge in that area, but it is mandatory to be a partner with a specialist who does. As your partner we will help you with that complex field. Using our TAX SERVICES you will receive:

  • Adequate tax solutions for your business cases regarding VAT, corporate income tax, individuals’ income tax, real estate taxes and other local taxes and fees.
  • Tax due diligence – if you want to see the real picture from tax point of view in a specific company, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Effective tax analysis in various business combinations – business combinations like mergers, acquisitions, separation of a business, etc., has many tax related implications, which could affect your plans. Call us to help you. 
  • Assistance in advance clearance procedures for applying Double Tax Treaties and withholding tax refunds. If you don’t like to pay taxes twice, please send us your case.
  • Representation before tax authorities regarding tax audit and inspections. Sooner or later you will be at tax men radar. MarSem can take the lead role in that communication. Let’s discuss your case. 
  • Help with the preparation and filing of various tax returns (for companies and individuals). Sometimes it is very difficult and time consuming to prepare your tax return. Do not lose your time and nerves on this! Let us do that for you.
  • VAT for individuals. MarSem's tax specialists will do monthly preparation and filing of your statutory VAT ledgers and returns. Save your time and leave the paper work for us.  

When you entrust us to assist you with your tax issues, you can rest assured that your best interest is our foremost concern in dealing with National Revenue Agency. 

Do you have any concerns about Bulgarian Tax Laws and Rules? Contact us today! We will be happy to help you and provide you with further information regarding the offered TAX SERVICES!