Welcome to MarSem Ltd. Accounting company website!

MarSem Ltd. is a small family accounting and tax services company that offers affordable and quality solutions.

Our team comprises accountants that have all the skills and knowledge to perform any task in the accounting field. Among our employees we have an ACCA member (a global body for profesional accountants) and people that have worked as Chief Accountants in variety of local and international companies. Therefore, we believe in and we are proud of our people and the quality that we provide to our customers.

What can you expect from us?

  • Great customer service – We have polite attitude reaching to our client's needs.
  • Timely response to any of your requests – Our deadline for answering to your request is 6 hours. We promise to keep it.
  • Always excellent quality – We are proud that our customers are free of problems with Tax Authorities.
  • Personal attitude – We like drinking beers with our clients! 

What services do we offer?

  • Accounting services – Bookkeeping, invoicing, preparing of various reports and statements, etc..
  • Payroll services – Preparing monthly salaries, etc..
  • Tax services – Tax consulting, preparing and filing to Tax Authorities monthly VAT statements, various tax returns, etc..
  • Company registration – We can assist you throughout the process of your company registration.

We will be happy to be our Customer and have the privilege to work with you! Contact us today!